Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

What clients say

"Michael Alexander has been a colleague of mine for more than 10 years. We worked closely in our organization mentoring and inspiring other speakers to success. His witty but sophisticated sense of humor is refreshing. Michael's biggest asset is his ability to engage and keep an audience's attention. He has a knack for imparting knowledge but leave you wanting more." Jeffrey L. Washington, Motivational Trainer/Speaker/Coach

"I had the fortune of observing Mike work with witnesses on a mock trial competition. It takes a unique aptitude to absorb complicated material and testify as a witness. Mike's exceptional talent is his ability to transcend that skillset and teach others to provide succinct and effective testimony in a courtroom setting." Jeff Renzi, Attorney
"Michael's speech was both a mind-opener and a heart-opener to me. He helped me understand the things that are important to me in ways I never would have without his help." Rev. Daniel Huston

"I know many people who love to talk and many of them have interesting things to say, but Michael takes a moment to pause, collect his thoughts so he can deliver his best message. As a result, unlike others, the audience has a better understanding of his message and the reasons behind it." Glenn Yasukochi, Investment Councilor

"Michael is a consummate teacher, as demonstrated in his patience and skill in instructing middle-school students to excel in a mock trial competition. Michael is able to take complex problems and explain them in plain language that can be comprehended even by sixth graders." Allan Johnson, Attourney, Mock Trial Coach, And Head Of EIX Ethics Investigations Group

"I have known Dr. Michael Alexander more than twenty years, and have attended more than a dozen of his presentations. Dr. Alexander is always concise, and is able to make the most difficult problems clear. Besides being one of the world's foremost experts on the economics of energy, he is also a great story teller and showman." Stuart Goldbarg, Author of A Self Made Man, Bootleggers on Ice, and The Good Scouts, The Treasure of the Copper Scroll

"Michael has been my mentor since my Toastmaster days. He has taught me how to come out of my shell and become a confident public speaker. He has helped me develop into a good leader which helped me in my professional role as a Team Lead." Chandrasekhar Kiron Molleti, Former Toastmaster's Area Governor

"I have known Michael since 2009 when Michael was the mentor for our newly formed Panda Toastmaster Club. With his excellent leadership, deep knowledge, and effective communication, he helped to guide our club in to how to run meetings and maintain members. Hhe is continuously helping our club to grow stronger every year and most importantly that he inspires our club members to become a better and more effective communicators. Personally, I think of Michael as a life time mentor. I am grateful for what he has done for me and I thank him so much for helping and guiding me in many ways." Demi Tran, President Panda Toastmasters.

"Michael Alexander is a throw back to the days when society valued verbal communication. 'Dr. Mike' uses his wit, his vast knowledge, and his unique perspective on life to teach, to explain, and to humor anyone and everyone he communicates with." Rudy Fuentes, Montery Highlands' Teacher