Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

Training and Speech Services Available From AlexanderTalks

Whether you are a speaker looking to give an informative or persuasive speech or you are an event coordinator looking to find a speaker who can give that speech for you, Michael Alexander can provide what you need. He provides professional level editing and writing assistance, and is a first rate speaking coach who has mentored several award winning speakers.

Coaching and Speech Preparation:

Different presentations need different skills and we are here to help you whatever your needs are with training and coaching tailored to your situation.

Whether you need help with an important one-on-one talk to nail a job interview, impress your boss, or propose to your girlfriend, or you need help with a speech sales pitch or presentation before you bosses, or you need to speak at a wedding or a funeral, speaking can be stressful. But, it doesn't have to be. Let Michael work with you or your team to craft a presentation that will impress and wow your audience.

Confidence pays off for you and your audience, and with Michael's coaching you will feel confident and in control whenever and wherever you speak.

Elevator Speeches

You only have a few seconds to get your client's attention. You need to be able to hook them with a single paragraph - in the time it takes for an elevator to change floors. The so-called elevator speech is one of the most important and one of the least understood types of speech. Let Michael help you craft an elevator speech which will attract interest and get results.

Need a Speaker?

As an M.C., keynote, or event speaker, Michael provides life changing motivational, educational, thought provoking, and entertaining speeches and will provide custom speeches on a wide variety of subjects upon request. Examples of his speech topics include:

1. Energy

        a. What is happening to Oil Prices?

        b. Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity, Solar And Wind Power: What Is Right And Wrong With It, And How It Gets To You

2. Technology and Society:

        a. Confessions of a Luddite

        b. The Problems with Learning From the Computer

        c. Everything You Know Is Wrong: Lying With Statistics And Bad Studies

3. Humor:

        a. Traveling to Taiwan for a Funeral

        b. Juggling: Don't Try This at The Dept. of Homeland Security

        c. Why I should never go Camping

        d. Naming A Child: Immortality or Idiocy?

4. Motivation and Self Improvement

        a. The Secret to Speaking Without Preparation

        b. It Isn't What Goes Wrong, It Is How You Fix It

        c. My wife and I Have a Deal. It is Always My Fault. It Saves Time, Avoids Fights, And Solves Problems Faster

        d. Waiting and Wasting Time

5. Religion:

        Why God Hates Beige: A Non-Sectarian Answer To The Nature Of Good And Evil, Need For Messiahs Saints And Prophet's And Other Matters

6. Education:

        Time to Teach: Effective Discipline techniques to free up teacher's time so they can spend time actually teaching.

I am also available as an M.C. and will provide custom speeches on a number of subjects upon request

For the best in speaking services, contact Michael at Michael@AlexanderTalks.com


    Expert witness coaching
    Speech coaching
    Master of ceremony

Employer and Client list

    Southern California Edison
    Minnesota Department of Public Service
    Boston Edison
    Northern Trust Bank
    Panda Learning Center (Panda Restaurant Group)
    Internal Revenue Service
    Toastmasters' Founder's District

Teaching and professor positions:
    Washington University
    Babson College
    Bentley College
    Roosevelt University
    Walden University
    Public speaking coach for the award winning Montery Highlands Middle School
    Public speaking tutor for FBLA ( Future Business Leaders of America)
    Member of Toastmasters International