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  • FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Agency
  • NRRI - National Regulatory Research Institute
  • U.S. DOE - Department of Energy's Main Page
  • U.S. DOE's Energy Information Agency
  • The DOE's Energy Efficency and Renewable Energy Network
  • NERC - North American Electricty Reliablity Council
  • NARUC - National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners - includes links to individual state Public Utility Commissions.
  • National Energy Board - Canada
  • Home pages of various Gas, Electric, and Telephone Utilities Links through Wikipedia
  • Home pages of various Oil pipelines
  • Home pages of various Natural Gas pipelines
  • A list of Major Pipeline accidents
  • Links to Utility Commissions, and consumer advocate groups and some other good stuff
    Research Institutions
  • CRRI - The Center for Research in Regulated Industries
  • American Elecric Power
  • Oak Ridge National Labs
  • LBL - Lawrence Berkley Labs
  • EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute
  • AESP - Association of Energy Service Professionals
  • IEEE - US
  • IEEE - Canada
  • NAIMA - North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
  • BC Hydro
  • My Dissertation on The Takeback effect in Energy Conservation
  • National Center for Policy Analysis - Note: has a conservative bias...
    Environmental Links
  • Pollution Data from The Environmental Defense Fund
  • Zero Population Growth
  • ME3 - Minnesotans for and Energy Efficient Economy
  • Friends of the Earth An environmental group

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