Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

Less Time Spent on Discipline Means more Time To Teach

Teachers do not become teachers to spend time on discipline, they become teachers to teach. Yet, being a disciplinarian is a distressingly time consuming part of the actual job. There is an alternative.

The Time to Teach methods, offered by Michael Alexander, in connection with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, treat discipline, not as a distraction, but rather, as a part of the curriculum. As such, teachers actually teach discipline, and with it, have more time for teaching their core subject matter.

Michael Alexander is one of a long line of teachers. His mother was a High School English Teacher for more than 35 years. His brother is a past New York State Teacher of the Year. Michael himself has taught at five different colleges and universities, Coached sixth, seventh, and eighth graders on the award winning Montery Highland's Mock Trial team, and taught speech and tutored students in a variety of specialized subjects for academic competitions.

You will find his seminars rich in content, insightful, and most importantly, easy to put into practice immediately, with quick and quantifiable results.

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