Michael Alexander, Ph.D.

Whatever your needs are - witness testimony, motivating your people, or helping them find a new way of solving problems, you need the skills change people's perceptions and understanding. This is what Michael Alexander does and does well, and more importantly, what he can help you to do. Michael is an experienced expert witness, witness coach, energy economist, educator, and an award winning public speaker.

Are you a lawyer or an inexperienced witness going to trial?

Michael can help.

As a witness, Michael has an enviable track record, having performed analysis in well over 120 proceedings before the California and Minnesota Public Utility Commissions and before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

His accomplishments include winning an anti-trust settlement for over $1B, a major market redesign for Southern California Edison, and successful advocacy and testimony on Natural Gas market restructuring, storage markets, and several others. His work has included gas, electric, and telephone regulation. His skills include writing, policy development, negotiations, and building successful coalitions of like-minded parties.

Michael is the author of the book Survive and Thrive on the Witness Stand, a 15 Step Guide. Michael has successfully coached witnesses in several regulatory cases as part of his work with Southern California Edison. As part of the Constitutional Rights Foundation’s Trial Competition, he has coached award winning teams of witnesses and lawyers in cases involving arson, drug, murder, hit and run driving, art forgery, murder, and terrorism.

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Are you looking to motivate people?

Michael can help.

The same skills that make Michael a successful witness, make him a good motivator. Motivation, like witness testimony, is about persuasion. It is about telling a story, anticipating problems, and changing the way people think. Michael’s award winning presentations, even on the driest of subjects, are well laced with humor, and examples, making them informative, insightful, and entertaining. Michael will hold your audiences attention, change their perspective, and leave them feeling they can make changes in their world. And equally importantly, leaving them feeling that they want to.

Are you looking to learn new ways to solve problems?

Michael can help.

Some people try to think outside the box. Some people try to think inside the box. Either way, their approach is defined by the box. But, there is another way. Michael’s solution to economic technical analysis, the same one he uses on the stand and in negotiations and management decisions, is based on a technique he developed called “Free Range Thinking.” It is a systematic way of thinking creatively, using different perspectives and starting points, the clever use of analogies and a certain amount of free association.

Do you simply need an entertaining or informative speaker?

Michael can help.

Michael has a wide variety of speeches, from energy to also technology, from modern society to medieval history, not to mention problem solving, public speaking techniques, theology, and many more subjects. His speeches are warm, thought provoking, sensitive, and inspirational.

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