• Scuba Certification from PADI or from NAUI
  • The Handicapped SCUBA Association
  • SCUBA Diving Explained - a book also on the Web with lots of info on the sport and the physical effects thereof
  • About.com's SCUBA pages (always tons of info and opinions at About.com
  • Diving Physics
  • How SCUBA works from How stuff works
  • Technical and Slang Terms
  • An nice (but obviously incomplete) list of dive shops world wide 
  • Take a Boat dive on the the Sundiver off Long Beach California
  • You can also dive off of the Aquatica in Long Beach

  • Volunteer with
  • The Long Beach Aquarium,
  • The Santa Monica Kelp Keepers,
  • Reef Check California,
  • The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  • Project Aware - Underwater environmentalist movement


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